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Jude Nye Juliette Laird Lucy Pierpoint Lyn Dallison Marlyne Jackson

5 artists go out on a branch/branch out to see what they can see and do.

In a sense our homes become our branch offies in 2020 and for varied reasons

we've been drawn to trying new ideas, using our familiar materials differently-pushing

out in new directions, going out on a limb, but still driven by an internal flow of thought,

seen in the use of materials, techniques and subject matter.

By developing new forms, playing with scale and colour, subject matter, re-arranging

and pruning, we hope that these new branches generate some new flowers and leaves in your imagination

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"We weathered all things, large and small, with the same vigor", Patti Smith.

This exhibition by printmakers Celia Walker and Toni Mosley brings together works that reflect how we weather differently. The last few years have found us all in situations that have taken a toll on us physically and mentally. Each piece explores the physical surface of places, spaces and objects. They are faded, layered, dismantled and reconfigured.

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Clay Benders

Claybenders showcases contemporary ceramics produced by student and graduates of Otage polytechnic Diploma of Ceramic Arts. This years theme feast, conjures up ideas of sumptuous banquets and festivals celebrating abundance, gratitude and the consumption of food and wine. For others the theme explores social, political and environmental issues. Clay invites a visual response and a tactile one and these artists have bought the power of their creativity to produce this exciting exhibition.