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  • abarnsgraham

This group show is a tiny glimpse into the art practices of the Arthaus resident artists.

All works are of a small nature, and look into the diversity of each of our artists

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  • abarnsgraham

Andrew Barns-Graham

The focus of this body of portraits is on the direct gaze.

Initially these figures appear melancholic, but on closer inspection we ask ourselves are we the viewer or is it us that is being viewed, or indeed scrutinised.

The stares are sometimes intense, some look through you with ambivalence, some with concern or pity. Minimal landscapes behind the sitters allude to a changing terrain or climate.

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  • abarnsgraham

Shiyan Zhang

The exhibition 'Paintings for Pu' is named after my cat Pupu.

It was after having him I began to see the connections between different life forms.

This has inspired me to think about the cycle of life in nature, the communication between living beings and the psychological reactions to this topic in a contemporary context. These paintings focus on the concept of the loop in ecology, and the confusion of spirits, and the natural decaying of physical bodies

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