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Andrew Barns-Graham


Focusing primarily on portraiture, Barns-Grahams hard edged, anti-gestural style with it's highly refined technique allows him to create smooth surfaces and perfectly even colour gradients. Throughout his work, there is an interest in the mechanics of glamour - the ways in which beauty is produced and perceived - in contemporary and historical settings. 

" I think mystery is the bases for ideal feminine beauty. This quality is  elusive but it is what I try to capture in my work."

The viewer of Barns-Graham's work is presented with perfection but the intended response is ambiguous. On one hand, the work seems emotionally charged, but on the other does not prescribe a single narrative. Instead, the lack of context offers a limitless array of potential interpretations with speculation demanded from the viewer. 


2019 Cumulative Intentions - Gray Gallery

2018 Recent Work - Arthaus Contemporary

2017 Millenibethan - Gray Gallery 

2016 Recent Work - Arthaus Contemporary 

2014 Half Light - Sanderson Gallery

2012 Virtuals - Sanderson Gallery

2011 Venus - Sanderson Gallery 

2010 Still - Sanderson Gallery

2009 Flash - Sanderson Gallery

2008 The Passage Between - Sanderson Gallery

2007 Gatecrashers - Sanderson Gallery 

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