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Rebecca Hazard



Rebecca Hazard is an Auckland based artist, working primarily with oil paints.  Rebecca consistently references flesh and raw meat throughout her paintings to investigate our tangibility within existence and her own ontological concerns, offering the viewer a moment of mindfulness and philosophical reflection. 


Rebecca attended the ‘Rome Art’s Program’ in the summer of 2017. In 2018, she was a finalist in the NZ contemporary Arts Awards and in 2018 & 2020, Rebecca was a finalist in the Wallace Art Awards. 

Statement by the Artist – “Usually viewed insensitively and approached with apprehension, meat alleviates itself as an object of food expenditure in my recent works. A ‘grotesquely beautiful’ bodily being, time passes in and around the fleshy mounds. Often tightly rendered with oil paint, my work’s confronting size and humbling weightiness, intend to place both our own mortal physicality on a plinth and a sense of a bodily, motherly embrace of re-assurance and self-acceptance within the face of life’s uncertainties.


Revisualizing the historical, ‘narrow’ depiction of the nude, meat often replaces us within my work to exude a sense of oneness and universality within a reminder of our common human condition. Though my work can be confronting and emotionally evoking on first glance, I wish to ask of the viewer a moment of self-reflection, understanding and empathy within this common experience of being.”

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