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Judith Lawson’s practice is based predominantly in painting, she includes the incorporation of photography and found materials, particularly plastics. It is driven by an appreciation of the land, light, and sea alongside concern about environmental degradation caused by human behaviours; mass consumerism, waste, greed and indifference. 

Her process is intuitive and abstract but conscious of narrative. It often begins by pouring, smearing or throwing flourescent paint, drawn to lurid colours both as symbols and because of the way they operate under or beside other colours. She erases, scratches, washes, scribbles over and often covers work in found plastics. Contrast and tension is important. 

As an artist interested in environmental issues it can be difficult to reconcile this with painting. How humans reconcile anything is variable, the economic and social influences of a time affect what is considered precious or important. The decisions made in an art practice emerge from a specific time and as such are a form of historical documentation. Referencing historical landscape painting and outdated ideas that “nature” is to be conquered, the concept that all matter is interconnected, that everything has an energy, that art can convey a sense of the atmosphere of its time seems relevant. The intent is to convey a sense of painting the world now, contrasting merging layers of beauty, calm and softness with the ugly, toxic, agitated and urgent. 





2017 Master of Fine Arts (Honours) 

University of Auckland

2016  Post Graduate Diploma of Fine Arts (Distinction)

University of Auckland

Bachelor Arts /Bachelor Laws University of Auckland

Accredited Mediator, Resolution Institute




2020 Washed Up, Arthaus Contemporary, Orakei

2018 Disintegrating Form Arthaus Contemporary, Orakei

2017 Graduate Art Fair, Guangzhou, China, for Elam School of Fine Arts

           National Contemporary Art Awards, Waikato Art Museum

           Initiate(s) New Graduates Show, Lake House Arts

2016 Elam Grad Show, Elam School of Fine Arts, Auckland University

2015 Point of Departure, Railway St Studios, Auckland

           Elam Grad Show, Elam School of Fine Arts, Auckland University 

           Collision of Worlds, Silver Project Space, Auckland

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