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Lodestars and Lullaby's

Not only of superior intelligence, the English Colonials armed with guns, bombs and weapons unheard of, also had the right of God, and the right drugs on their side.

High on the sedatory and detached effects of opium, they battered down the doors of China, and forced China into growing and selling opium for their own personal supply and profit and so began their new adventures of imperialistic expansion.

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  • abarnsgraham

Lena Ochkalova

This show shares Lena's most recent work on paper. The art research for this body of images goes around general drawing gestures: lines and simple geometrical shapes.

Each print is created as a free combination of several plates using different colours. While the same plates appear in different combinations, a series of images with distinctive meaning is produced as a surprising result. Occasionally the compositions are complimented with fragments from Lena's own photo archive adding another complexity to associations

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  • abarnsgraham

Richard Burgoyne

Pioneering European Abstract painters were strongly interested in philosophy, psychology and fully engaged with modern theories of colour composition and advancements in optical science. The overriding concern for optical science at the time was the problem of how we see beyond the surface of the retina as modern theories of vision become increasingly aware there exists a fundamental difference between the image formed on the retina and the image we perceive. The optical sensation is distinct from visual perception.

This series of paintings share the same concerns and probes all the same questions asked by these early pioneers of the abstract tradition. EKORUHE meets at the confluence of art, science and philosophy.

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