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'The Scent of Two Lands' showcases the work of artists Andy Leleisi'uao, Dagmar Dyck, Felicia Sampero, Marcus Hipa, Raymond Sagapolutele, Sefton Rani, Sylvia Masters, and Vaimaila Urale.

This is the first opportunity for these artists to display their work together and in doing so, celebrate their common goals, influences and friendship over three levels of the Arthaus Contemporary Gallery. The show gives insight into he broad range of their artist investigations and includes new and never before exhibited work.

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  • abarnsgraham

Jazmin Snoswell & Lou Corry

Our Installation of photography and sculpture gives a space to our covid lockdown experiences. The work is not a means to explain anything. Rather, it a vehicle for working through embodiment, trauma, materiality, the concept of the body, and the way that sexuality plays into creativity.

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"Paint". a product, a decorative lipstick on a surface, a sealer, a creative medium that sets off a world of narrative in ones imagination yet is simply pigment and binder on a surface. What if the paint is removed from the surface and is shown as an objective hung directly on the wall, placed on a floating plinth or in a display cabinet? Is it still painting?