• abarnsgraham

Regular visits to estuarine environment of Tamaki Makaurau, inform developments of the work presented. The approach take to such places attempts to paint an environment rather than to picture them as landscape.

Western painting traditions, are in particular the formulation of landscape ideas within a New Zealand context, have bound land within the frame of pictorial splendour. The shift away from a generalised and idealised view of landscape toward a relationship of body to its environment, is key to these paintings.

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  • abarnsgraham

Works in pairings, partnerships, or collaborations between artists based in Aotearoa and overseas. Most of the works have been made for this show.

See this page: for more information about the program of workshops, concerts, artist talks, when artists are in the gallery, as well as some info about the artists and the works.

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  • Arthaus Contemporary

Ian Mac Gabhann is an Auckland based artist, born in Dublin, Ireland and immigrated to New Zealand in 2013. With an academic background in architecture, Ian began to explore the transcendental expression of abstraction without reliance upon recognisable objective forms.

"Let Lines Converse" is a collection of hand drawings by Ian. Each line has a mood within itself and belonging to its own geometric abstract surroundings.

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